Real World

Real World

Search the city for clues to solve the grand mystery.

While exploring the World's Odyssey, you are able to switch over to view the Real World as well. Access the PC-like UI to navigate the menu and switch over to Arata's view from the Real World. Visit the real world to uncover mysteries occuring within World's Odyssey. Most of the story's events take place in Sagami City, the stage of Arata's narrative. In order to progress within World's Odyssey there are times where you might need to investigate the thrilling tale of the mysteries lurking within the Real World.
In the Real World, you may perform one of five actions.
  • [Talk]

    Initiate conversation with others in the room. In order to keep track of each mystery that unravels, it will be important to converse with each of your friends at your base.
  • [Back Log]

    Review previous conversations you've had.
  • [Key Item]

    Examine the reality objects found inside of World's Odyssey. As you progress the story, you can find updated information regarding the history of each reality object.
  • [Code]

    Review what cheat codes you have acquired in order to support Shina in battle.
  • [Map]

    Explore the town in order to investigate the mysteries. Traveling to various locations will initiate scenes give you the opportunity to watch each story unfold.