Battle Flow

Battle Flow

This game uses a turn-based command battle system. At the start of each character's turn, they can move about the field freely. Each character has a different attack range and field of movement, which should be taken into consideration when devising battle tactics.
Select commands in the Triact system to combine up to three actions in order to gain the upper hand on your enemy.
Actions that are selected frequently can be registered in your Basic Commands to place them at the top of your action list.*
* Actions can be registered from the menu screen.

Point 1: Field Bug

Enemies known as Field Bugs may appear on-screen.
Coming into contact with them can harm or ail your party members, as well as increase their Corruption Level.
If a party member's Corruption Level becomes too high, the character will enter Glitch Mode that can vastly raise their strength and abilities in battle. However, increased exposure to corruption may hinder your party members from moving or using further skills in battle, so use Glitch Mode sparingly.

Avoid Field Bugs to keep your party members from becoming too corrupted, or take the risk to unleash devastating damage unto your foes.

▼ Knockback System

In order to remove Field Bugs, utilize the Knockback System to blast enemies across the field. As enemies bounce around the map, they may destroy Field Bugs or ricochet into other enemies for increased damage.
Knockback effects also come in handy when you are cornered by enemies.
A well-aimed Knockback attack can deal significant damage. Furthermore, knocking enemies into your allies may initiate a counter-attack known as the Knockblow, which chains physical attacks to deal even greater damage.

Point 2: Battle Jack

Lowering the amount of Field Bugs in the battlefield allows Arata to use the Battle Jack system.

Activating the Battle Jack system allows Arata to perform one of three skills:
・Code Jack
・Install Genre
Master the Battle Jack system to gain ultimate control over the bugged battlefield.

▼ Code Jack

Code Jack allows Arata to use cheat codes to change the conditions of the battlefield's environment. These changes range between altering the Field Bugs on the map, adjusting the Corruption Level, or to finding new paths.

▼ Summon

Release Entoma beasts that you've captured by summoning them onto the battlefield. Each summoning bug has the chance to boost ally abilities, increase Knockback distance, and activate support effects specific to each bug. Although each summon can deal massive damage, they also may possess support skills for use in critical situations in battle.

▼ Install Genre

Installing Genre packs on the battlefield can alter the style of play. They can be activated at the start of each character's turn, allowing them to select from a variety of video game genres. Each genre has a set of conditions that need to be fulfilled before activation, but they allow each character to unleash an even stronger range of attacks.

Additionally, if there are summon bugs on the field, their support abilities may work in tandem with the genre installations, increasing the overall damage dealt.
The Battle Jack system gives characters access to a series of game-altering skills, but repeated usage can cause more Field Bugs to spawn. Too many Field Bugs can prevent further use of the Battle Jack, so balance is necessary for success in battle.
Throughout this game, players will learn to control the bugs and use them in order to survive the onslaught of enemy bugs. Take advantage of your arsenal of cheats to customize your preferred strategy in battle.