MeiQ Director Toshiki Tauchi's Column
Part 1: What is a Guardian?
I'll be writing about Guardians today.
Where should I begin?
Well, to start, Guardians in this game are robots,
but there are several differences from more general robots (or at least my idea of general robots).

Guardians Can Talk

Guardians can talk quite a bit in this game.
The main times when they talk are when they form a contract (to become your ally), and in battle.

They don't say things like "hello", or talk like ordinary people.
If anything, they talk more like a warrior, or maybe even a god would.
Each Guardian also has a different style of speech.
Each one has their own personality, and are interesting in their own way.

Guardians Have Gender

There are both male and female Guardians.
Their appearance and voices can be masculine or feminine.

While Guardians are robots, they also have some human characteristics.
Maybe you can think of them like the assistant on your smartphone?

It may be interesting to fill your party with female Guardians, if you're into that kind of thing.

Guardians Have No Set Form

Guardians are beings that don't have a true form.
This has to do with the way Guardians are constructed.

Guardians are constructed from four main parts:
Body, Right Arm, Left Arm, and Core.
The Guardian itself isn't the Body, but the Core.
Combining this Core with a Body and Arms is what completes a Guardian.

There is no restriction on what Body and Arms can be set to a Core.
Every Core can use every part.

In this way, the user is able to freely customize how their Guardian looks.

It's possible for you to make all of your Guardians take
feminine form, and create a "Girl Power Squad" of sorts.
You could even go with the gender bending route, and give your male Guardians female bodies, or vice versa.

Feel free to create the Guardians that you like the most.

Guardians Have Elements

This is pretty common in fantasy genre games.
However, you don't see elements too often in robot genre games.

You often see elements on attack skills like fire, water, and lightning,
but I've never really heard of a robot's body itself having an element.

This game is both in the robot genre and the fantasy genre.
It's actually very unique and unconventional.

Anyway, this is why each Guardian has its own elemental affinity.
Technically speaking, the Guardian Core has an element.

An Earth Guardian's Core is earth, while a Fire Guardian's Core is fire element.

These elements are key to customizing in this game.
Combining a Core and parts that possess elemental affinity with
each other will greatly increase power.

It's really fun to customize Guardians, looking for the way to maximize damage.

Guardians Can Grow

Guardians are robots, but they can grow.
Just like people, they gain experience in battle and level up.

In most robot genre games, robots don't gain experience.
They don't get stronger simply by fighting.
However, in this game, Guardians are beings closer to humans.
The exact way it works is unknown, but it's probably thanks
to Machina Magic (the magic-like power of this world).

It's especially moving when you defeat a powerful boss alongside the Guardian you've been growing together with.

Guardians are Your Partners

In most robot genre games, robots are either vehicles to ride in,
unmanned drone-like machines, or some other similar device.

However, the Guardians in MeiQ aren't mere devices.
They're much closer to friends, or partners.

You don't simply use them. They fight alongside you.
This may be the most important aspect of Guardians.

The Guardians in MeiQ are able to talk, have gender, have no true form,
have elements, grow in battle, and are reliable partners.

What do you think?
Do you understand Guardians a little better now?

Guardian customization in MeiQ is extremely deep,
and offers you a huge degree of freedom.

Please create your strongest Guardian/partner with your own hands!