■ If the product is defected or damaged, what should I do?

If it is under the warranty period of the store you purchased it from, please contact that store first. Each publisher has different internal warranty terms, so please confirm the waranty with the product's publisher.

■ My game doesn't play. What do I do?

First, please restart the console and re-insert the applicable disc/cartridge. If this doesn't solve the issue, please contact the title's publisher for futher support.

*Check the back of the disc to confirm if any scratches or dirt are present.
*If you encounter any difficulties or game freezes in the middle of gameplay, please describe what happened in an email when you inquiry the publisher.
*Please note that the warranty will be void if the defect in the product appeared due to neglect, abuse, or any attempt to use the product other than as specified in the instruction manual.

Also, if you experience any errors with PSP titles, you may need to update your PSP. Sometimes playing the game using an outdated system software version can cause errors.

The latest system software version can be downloaded from Sony Computer Entertaiment's webpage.

■ The cursor in my game is moving automatically. What do I do?

There are times when the cursor may move without your input. If this happens, please contact the hardware maker.

■ Can I suggest any titles for US and PAL publication?

If you have a request for a specific Idea Factory/Compile Heart title to be published in the US or other regions, please contact Idea Factroy International through our online contact form.

■ I purchased a used copy of [Game X] and have a question about its warranty.

Unfortunately, all warranties are void for used games. We apologize for the inconvenience.

■ Will [Game Y] be released in US/PAL regions?

All the latest game announcement news is reflected on this site. We will do our best to post news and updates in a timely manner. If you do not see any titles in our game section and want to ask us about it, please use our online contact form.

■ How can I learn more about your future titles?

The content found on the homepage contains the latest news and updates available for future Idea Factory and Compile Heart titles. As much as we'd like to, we are unable to disclose any further information about future titles outside of what is listed here, but we do our best to deliver updates to you as soon as they are made available! Please stay tuned :)

■ Can I suggest any improvements for your homepage?

Yes, you can! Our goal is to develop a site and community for fans of Idea Factory and Compile Heart titles. If you have any suggestions about how to improve this community, we would love to hear it! Please contact us using our online contact form.

■ Can I use character art or stories from your games?

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