VRMMORPG "World's Odyssey"

An action-oriented, Fantasy MMORPG. It utilizes the Alice Engine that allows players to import their consciousness directly into the mainframe.

Alice Engine

A game engine developed by Aggle, Inc., the world's leading multinational technology company. It is capable of immersing players in the illusion of total realism, powered by mysterious processes that are fiercely guarded by its developers. Its key feature, however, is its ability to generate responsive, near-sentient Non-Playable Characters. An A.I. that could not only walk and talk, but interact, ascertain, empathize, and detest. Developers bit at the chance to license its amazing tech, soon competing for the title that would catapult society into its true Virtual Age.

Enigma Games

The game developer where Shina Ninomiya and Arata Mizunashi are employed. Its thin staff is comprised of the brightest minds in all fields of game development, handling all story and program creation while working in tandem with its overseas publisher. With the release of the Alice Engine, the company sets out to develop its newly-conceived concept, "World's Odyssey."

Sagami City

A town on the outskirts of the prefecture. The advent of tech-based developers industrialized the city into a financial hub. With the boom of business came gentifrication to service the influx of families rushing to move into its many residential areas. In spite of its new face, the town could never quite separate itself from its many urban legends...


After Arata had discovered that Shina was inside of World's Odyssey, a massive hysteria ensues as a virus infects nearly every cellular and mobile device in the world. Enigma Games, and Arata especially, are framed as the culprits, sending him and his colleagues into hiding as they flee from both the law and the relentless press. With the help of a friendly stranger, they take refuge in an empty office building, spending their days in desperation as they fight to extract Shina.

Summer Life Inc

A company founded by Natsuo Munakata six months prior to the events of the game. He runs the business totally by himself, despite having enough office space to house an entire workforce. Thanks to his kindness, Arata and his colleagues use the office as a hiding space and eventual base of operations.

White Rabbit

A pair of vitual reality-goggles with which the Alice Engine displays its digital magic. Players wear the White Rabbit as it reads their brainwaves, teleporting their conscious mind directly into the video game and thus removing the need for an external monitor. It is powered by the same neural impulses that are produced when dreaming. Shortly after its unveiling, its developers were quick to point out how they drew much of their inspiration from the popular children's tale, Alice in Wonderland.