Megadimension Neptunia VII launches next week July 5th, with a bunch of free DLC!

Full list of free DLC:

Japanese voice audio
Histy’s Trial Item Set
Histy’s Beginner Item Set
“That” Ball
Challenge From Vermili Gym Delegate
Cross Jammer
Duel Shock
Invading Squeed Aliens
Tokimeki Memory
It’s Hard for Unpopular Men
Gamindustri’s Dark Demon
Charge on Titans
Freelance Job Starting With “Y”
Mouse Kingdom
True Companions
Unconfirmed, But In Progress
Nice Green and Yellow Coupling!
You’re Forever ~Green Demon~
Sniper Specialized Aircraft
Dragon Heroes
Older Sister Team
Evil Goddess ~Dark White~
White Wing Chocopiman
Mechamiso Technique
Ultimate Fusion! Dark Orange
Silent Whirlpool
Magigirl Rom and Ram!
Let’s Make Our Dreams Come True!
1st Level Cap
2nd Level Cap
3rd Level Cap
Arfoire Δ
Train Man
Trillion God of Destruction Costume Set