Nep VII hits Steam July 5th with a weeklong 40% discount!

It includes tons of FREE DLC, including JP audio, item sets, level caps, missions, and Trillion: God of Destruction costumes.

Stay tuned on details for our first-ever Digital Deluxe Set:D

Full list of free DLC:

  • Japanese voice audio
  • Histy’s Trial Item Set
  • Histy’s Beginner Item Set
  • “That” Ball
  • Challenge From Vermili Gym Delegate
  • Cross Jammer
  • Duel Shock
  • Invading Squeed Aliens
  • Tokimeki Memory
  • It’s Hard for Unpopular Men
  • Gamindustri’s Dark Demon
  • Charge on Titans
  • Freelance Job Starting With “Y”
  • Mouse Kingdom
  • True Companions
  • Unconfirmed, But In Progress
  • Nice Green and Yellow Coupling!
  • You’re Forever ~Green Demon~
  • Sniper Specialized Aircraft
  • Dragon Heroes
  • Older Sister Team
  • Evil Goddess ~Dark White~
  • White Wing Chocopiman
  • Mechamiso Technique
  • Ultimate Fusion! Dark Orange
  • Silent Whirlpool
  • Magigirl Rom and Ram!
  • Let’s Make Our Dreams Come True!
  • 1st Level Cap
  • 2nd Level Cap
  • 3rd Level Cap
  • Arfoire Δ
  • Train Man
  • Squeedmonsoon
  • Trillion God of Destruction Costume Set