Booooooooonus item! Available for every devoted citizen of Gamindustri, with each first-print (NA) or preordered (EU) copy of Megadimension Neptunia VII for the PS4!


The pudding-loving Neptune and new CPU Uzume Tennouboshi face off in the Zero Dimension in this 13.5″ x 11″ bonus poster! Pre-order to secure yours today!

Exclusively available with every first-print copy of Megadimension Neptunia VII for the PS4 for North American fans. Pre-order yours at major retailers like GameStop or Amazon!

For Europe, it’s exclusively available with every pre-order at these participating European retailers:

- Iffy’s European Online Store*
- Amazon UK
- Zavvi
- Shop To
- Amazon ES
- Amazon FR*
- Amazon IT*
- Grainger Games
- 365 Games
- Cool Shop DK
- Cool Shop NL
- Webhallen
- Cdon*
- Mighty Ape*
- Game Mania Benelux*
- YourGameZone*
- Cool Shop Germany
- Amazon DE
- JB Hi-Fi

*Links coming soon