Calling all otome fans! We’ve got a series of romantic giveaways to prepare you for your romantic getaways with the Amnesia: Memories boys this summer~

Every Thursday until the NA release of Amnesia: Memories, August 25th, we’re giving away a bundle of prizes to celebrate our first otome release! The weekly bundle will be revealed along with that week’s contest, so keep checking our page!



8/7/2015 THIS WEEK’S CONTEST: Your Dream Wedding

Amnesia Contest Dream Wedding

First comes love, then comes marriage! You’re probably noticing a trend in our contests by now…

It’s time for the big ceremony! There’s a couple of things to consider, like location, time, and even attire. Is it a simple chapel wedding attended by many of your close friends?  Or is it an epic wedding atop a cliff, where you dive to your death to escape the unholy matrimony, only to be saved by your summon spirit? What’s your Dream Wedding?

We at Idea Factory International would love to know!

COMMENT and let us know what your “Dream Wedding” would be and make sure to SHARE the post to be eligible! Then, list your favorite three Amnesia: Memories bachelors so we can tailor the bundle to your liking.
The contest ends on Thursday August 13th at 10am PDT. Then, we will pick a winner to receive this week’s Countdown to Amnesia: Memories Release Bundle! **Please keep your entries to 200 words or less**

And now onto the good stuff…


The prize bundle includes 2 A3 size Clear File posters, 2 Cushion pillow cases, 1 Character handkerchief, 1 Character acrylic heart keychain, 2 Character clips, 1 Character mousepad, and 2 Character decorative plastic plates.



  • 2 A3 size Clear File Posters

pillowcase 2

  • 2 Cushion pillow cases


  • 1 Character handkerchief


  • 1 Character acrylic heart keychain


  • 2 Character clips


  • 1 Character mousepad

decorative plate

  • 2 Character decorative plastic plates

Good luck and happy romancing!