Amnesia Contest First Date winner

Congratulations to our Amnesia: Memories “Dream First Date” Contest Winner, Olivia Gabrele! Here’s the winning entry:

“My dream first date would be meeting the guy in front of the arcade. I end
up being almost ten minutes late due to sleeping in (as usual) and
having the hardest time picking the perfect outfit. Since I ran there,
I’m out of breath and apologize frantically.
But after seeing his wide smile, all my worries just wash away in a
second. I smile back and we buy our tickets. We play all sorts of games
inside and have tons of fun. Sounds very stereotypically shoujo, but he
gives me an adorable bear he wins with the claw crane. I hug the soft
bear and try to conceal my blush by holding it in front of my face,
while whispering a thank you. He just smiles softly and we leave the
arcade. While taking a walk through the streets, we visit little stores
here and there. Our hands then brush against each other and before I
have the chance to pull my hand away, he grabs onto it. My heart
quickens to beat and he says that he can almost hear it. Surprised, I
try to pull away and deny it. However, he says that his heart is beating
wildly and brings my hand to his chest. I hear the loud thuds and
realize his heart beat is just as fast as mine. Sharing the same
feelings made me feel like the happiest person in the world.

Later that afternoon, we take a train to the beach. On the train, I pull out a
small gift that I secretly bought for him. It was a stylish wallet that
I felt suited him rather well. He looks very surprised and thanks me
warmly with a huge smile. We reach the beach and walk alongside the
water holding hands. We end the night by watching the sunset while
sitting on the soft sand. We continue sitting, while taking in the
beautiful view in front of us. In that moment of serenity, I look
towards his direction at the same time he looks at mine. The soft glow
of the setting sun on our faces made the moment all the more magical. He
slowly leans towards me with a slight blush on his face. As we’re about
to have our first kiss, an incredibly sudden realization dawns on me. I
didn’t even know this boy’s name and that I’ve never even met him
before. I push him away in surprise and tell him my immediate thoughts.
His expression eventually adopts my look of shock and says he actually
doesn’t know my name either or even anything before today. Both of our
memories before this date were non-existent. That moment of magic
disappeared in a blink and instead we were filled with confusion.

We eventually realize that we’re stuck in a time loop and that this was
all a dream – since it’s our *dream* first date. We promised each other
that when we wake up, we’ll find each other – for real this time. And
then… I wake up. The end.”

Our next contest will be posted soon~