The Omega Quintet Limited Edition is just about ready to step on the stage! We’re excited to announce that the Limited Edition preorder will begin for all customers on April 2nd!

  • Iffy’s Online Store: April 2nd @ 6pm PDT, $74.99
  • Iffy’s EU Online Store (link TBA): April 2nd @ 12pm GMT, £59.99

The first RPG/idol simulation for PlayStation­®4 will be available for North American customers on April 28th, and in Europe on May 1st (digitally, May 6th).

But enough with the dates, let’s move onto the STUFF!



Idol Pins (set of 6) – Aria won the fan poll and earned
center stage by being featured on a bigger pin in this set!


~ Symphony of the Verse Maidens ~ OST


~ Symphony of Art ~ Hardcover Art Book


~ Symphony of Art ~ Hardcover Art Book (inside)


Omega Quintet Autograph Book


Omega Quintet Autograph Book (inside)


Reversible Cover Sleeve

Whew, that was a lot of stuff! One might even say this Limited Edition is a… ~ Symphony of Stuff ~. Anyway, remember to preorder on April 2nd because like The Beatles or Led Zeppelin, this Limited Edition won’t be around forever!