A new main character getting the Limited Edition treatment? Don’t tell Neptune! As you may know, Hyperdevotion Noire: Goddess Black Heart is set to hit February 24th in North America. In Europe, people can get it in stores on February 27th, and digitally on March 4th.

Now let me tell you something you probably don’t already know! Preorders start NEXT WEEK!

We’re also happy to announce USPS First-Class International Shipping will be available for international customers ordering from Iffy’s North American Online Store!


“XOXO Noire” Wall Scroll



Collector’s Box



Hardcover Illustration Book


Reversible Cover Sleeve (featuring the original Japanese Standard Edition and Premium Edition art)


I’m not sure how Noire’s going to handle all of this Noire-centric information – it’s n-not like she wanted any attention or anything.