We received lots of yummy-looking, super cute, Neptune-y puddings and desserts for the Ultimate Pudding Contest! All of the entries did show great effort and definitely made us hungry! We selected the top 5 entries as winners, and just like with the artwork contest, we selected two more entries as 6th place. The 6th place winners will receive a Neptunia cell phone cleaner/strap.

Here are the winners…

1st place: Gabriel W.

2nd place: Joshua Z.

3rd place: Michael S.

4th place: Dai B.

5th place: Marcus M.

6th places: Gabriel C.                                                           Harriet M.
Gabriel_C        Harriet_M

We absolutely enjoyed looking at everyone’s creations. The only part of the contest we regretted was that we couldn’t try these sweets! We hope you enjoyed making these sweets and eating them as well!
The prizes will be shipped to the winners shortly. Please find the prize details on the Ideafintl.com post from 8/12 (under the Update tab).

Thank you again for your participation in this contest! We will post some of the submissions on our Facebook page, so please look forward to them!