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Battles are a four member party "Unit Turn-based" system.
When it becomes the player's turn, they can select a character and move freely within the battlefield.

① Attack Order
This displays the turn order of both allies and enemies.
The character on the farthest left is awaiting input, or is currently executing a command.
② EXE Drive Gauge
This power gauge is necessary in order to activate a character's unique, extremely powerful technique known as an EXE Drive.
③ Starting Position
This is the initial position of a character before they start moving.
Once they move from the initial person, a marker will appear.
④ Movement Gauge
A character can only move the amount shown in the Movement Gauge.
⑤ Command Button
[△] Command»
Opens the menu, allowing you to select from the following commands:


Execute SP Skills or EXE Drives


Use items


Transform character into HDD Mode
(This command becomes "Cancel HDD" when already transformed)

Cancel HDD

Cancel transformation and return to your original state


Switch with the rear character

[□] Defend »
Defend until the next turn
[○] Attack »
Start a Combo attack
[R2] Escape »
If you select "Escape" while the current character is touching the outer edge of the battlefield, you will be able to escape from the battle.
※Depending on the enemy's status, there is a chance that "Escape" attempts may fail.
⑥ Party Member Data
This displays the status of the party members currently participating in battle.

※Screenshots taken during development.