The protagonist. An average boy.
The town elder forced him to go on a journey to investigate strange occurences. He's a little dumb and is easily influenced by his surroundings. But he's very sensitive and has a kind heart. Unfortunately, because he's a coward, no one sees that side of him.


Heroine. The only Monster Girl that Io can talk to normally.
She joins him on his journey and is very responsible, acting more like an older sister.


A nekomata Monster Girl. She suddenly is hostile towards humans.
Thanks to Io and Lilia, she gained back her sanity and joins the party.
Her personality is calm and reserved. She's happy when she's friends with Io and Lilia.


He has a dandy voice and looks adorable but he's a weird monster that immediately exposes his pervertedness. He knows that he's cute and he likes it when girls are doting over him. He joins Io's party because he's on a quest to collect monster girls' panties.


A mysterious Monster Girl that doesn't open up much about herself.
She's trying to figure out why Monster Girls suddenly began hating humans.
She is on a journey to return the "Legendary Monster Girl" back to normal.
Her tone is as adorable as her looks, though she has a tendency to be a little... saucy. She acts like an elegant lady.


A fairy Monster Girl. The 1st region's leader.
She always enjoys stirring things up, but when things gets serious, she's not afraid to take charge. Her emotional intelligence is very high and she speaks with the self-assurance of a senior citizen.


She's a Sahuagin Monster Girl. Leader of the 2nd region. She does things her way and is very quiet. Talking to guys doesn't do much for her, and it shows.


Monster Girl of Mandragora. Leader of the 3rd Region. She's very strong and assertive, often acting as a mediator. Because of her strong personality,
it's hard for some people to approach her.


A Medusa Monster Girl and leader of the 4th Region. She's always tried to be what others expected, but deep down, she knew it was a far reach from her true self. She's obsessed with beauty and is very prideful. However, she never goes easy on herself, always making efforts to better herself.


A Succubus Monster Girl. One of the gatekeepers of the 5th Region. She's cheerful and talkative and, honestly, a little dumb. Although she has the tendency to be a little careless in her speech, she means well. She loves her little sister Mattari and is always with her. It may seem that Mocha is the one in charge, but in actuality, she's quite dependent on Mattari.


A Golem Monster Girl and the other gatekeeper of the 5th Region. She's quiet and unfriendly, but speaks when necessary. She's like a sister to Mocha. Although she seems to be incredibly reliant on Mocha's opinions, it may be Mocha that needs Mattari's support more. Rather than being assertive and taking action, she normally just goes along with how Mocha wants to do things.


A snow woman Monster Girl. Leader of the 6th Region. She is elegant and compassionate. Always peaceful and smiling, her calming energy makes her a natural leader. She excels in baking but we hear she is very scary when angry.


A mysterious man who occassionally appears to antagonize the group.
He is attached to Lilia and because of that, the Monster Girls treat him like a weirdo. Supposedly, he knows Io's big secret.

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