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Strasschester Kingdom
A small kingdom from where the protagonist, Quinn, hails. It was founded only one hundred years ago.
Expedition Team
A large-scale exploration force formed for the first time in two decades. Quinn serves as the group's first commander.
Genesis Desert
The stage for this adventure. Here, it is said the ancient "Great Power" of legend sleeps. Scattered within are ruins comprised of rusted, gear-like machines, and dolls comprised of the assault machines from fallen visitors. For this reason, the "Great Power" has yet to be discovered.
The Great Power
An unidentified power that will save humanity, which appears in old legends. It has become a symbol of hope for humanity, which is on the verge of extinction.
Dangerous entities that reside within the Genesis Desert. They are said to be the guardians of the Great Power.
A device made from special ores. By inserting orbs, various powers unlock.