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A harrowing legend from a time gone by.
Though the legend has spawned many whispers and rumors,
few can verify their truth, as the memory has been long since forgotten.

Chapter 1

Long ago, the Earth was nearly destroyed from mankind's accumulation of filth.
The Alchemist was said to have been working on a ritual to revive Earth,
changing it from a desert to a forest.
However, a scoundrel stole the Alchemist's ingredients,
hoping to complete the ritual for themselves in the name of glory.
Unfortunately, their attempt at the ritual failed,
bringing with it a wave of destruction instead.
One that threatened to bring humanity to extinction.

Chapter 2

The Alchemist, upon seeing the incoming wave of destruction,
rushed atop the Tree of Darkness, creating a small haven at its tip.
As the wave came barreling forward,
the Alchemist worked alongside his assistant to create the Great Power,
which carried worthy citizens to its paradise.
The wave of destruction could not climb the Tree of Darkness,
and for now the people were safe.

Chapter 3

Thus, the Great Power and the Alchemist were linked.
Those saved by the Great Power, however, succumbed to greed and despair.
Wars were waged, and the Great Power was used
as an instrument of battle against the legion of automatons.
The Alchemist worked tirelessly alongside his assistants to put an end to the bloodshed.

Chapter 4

It was determined that the Great Power must slumber safely away
from those who wish to subvert its purpose.
The Alchemist spread its orbs to separate individuals and declared,
"When mankind is in need of salvation once more,
these keys will lead them back to the Great Power."
With that, the Alchemist disappeared.

Chapter 5

Hundreds of years had passed, and mankind continued to wage war with itself.
Without the Alchemist, however, no one remembered the Great Power.
Death, famine, and cannonfire blotted Earth's surface,
resulting in the lifeless desert where we now fight to survive.