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Basic System

Game Flow

The player will progress the story as the heroine, who has lost all her memories when she met the spirit, Orion.
Because the story is set in many parallel worlds, you will be able to enjoy a variety of situations and relationships that change depending on the content you select.

Name Entry

You can give the heroine any name you wish.
Feel free to choose your own name, or any name that you like.
The maximum character limit for your name is 10.

Still Touch Voices

If you fulfill the requirements, a certain icon will appear over the thumbnails of specific CGs within the Gallery.
You will be able to use Still Touch with them.

By touching specific locations on the CG, a voice clip will play. You can feel as if you're directly making contact with the character, as well as listen to their recollections and sweet words.

After a set number of times, the location you can touch for a reaction will change, so try touching other spots.

Game Selection

Select which game you want to play.

※Screenshots taken during development.
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