Basic Rules

◆ Basic Rules

The turns for your characters or the dragons will be dependent on how swiftly you can move. Battles in this world take place in the air.
The battlefield is split into 3 layers: the Top, Middle, and Bottom Levels.
You can move about freely between the levels to battle.

Devour is a special skill where you can eat the dragons. You can pretty much say all actions in the battle lead to eating the dragon!

◆ Physical Skills & Magical Skills

Physical Skills can only be performed against enemies on the same level (Top, Middle, Bottom).
There are 4 types of attacks: Slash, Hit, Pierce, and Shoot. If you execute a critical hit while attacking a weak point, then you can deny the enemy's turn!

Magical Skills allow you to attack enemies on other levels. Since you don't have to move to the same level as the opponent, it's more difficult for enemies to aim for you, but you also can't perform critical hits.
There are a total of 6 attributes. Earth, Water, Fire, Wind, Light, and Dark. If you attack an enemy with any of these weaknesses, you can perform major damage!

◆ Eat dragons with the Devour skill!

By attacking enemies, you will increase the enemy's Fear Level. You can increase their Fear Level even faster by attacking their weak points and performing a critical hit. The higher the Fear, the easier it will be to eat the dragons! If you eat an enemy using Devour, you will be able to obtain the enemy's skill tree! Additionally, when the enemy's Fear Level is 100%, this will cause a weak point rush to occur! This trick will allow three allies to execute a consecutive rush attack with the last person performing the Devour skill. If the enemy's HP drops to 0 during a rush, the Devour skill is guaranteed to be successful.

◆ Reliable Support Members!

You can have three members join in battle and each can have a support member. You can switch with the support member at any time. A support member also brings the following things to the table:

・When attacked, they will automatically guard
・They will attack an enemy with a counter
・Will perform an extra attack after attacking

Use Formation effects to turn battles in your favor!

By setting your party formation in advance, you can earn a formation effect during battle.
Example: Delta Force
Two members will be set in the middle level and one member will be placed on the bottom level during battle. Members in the middle level will have their attack and defense increase by 3%. The one on the bottom level will increase their magic attack and magic defense by 3%
Formation effects change when party members move between levels, so changing levels can bring about a whole new effect!

◆ Overwhelming power, Dragon Awakening

By attacking the enemy during battle, the character's Dragon Gauge will accumulate. The gauge will accumulate throughout multiple battles. Once it's at MAX, then the Dragon Awakening will ignite! The dragon's power within will create armor around you and your abilities will increase drastically! In your Dragon Awakening state, you can use special skills, including the Special Devour Skill! However, if you ignite it when your HP is extremely low, there are chances that your power may go berserk and you may incur a Rogue Dragon Awakening. Once you are in the Rogue Dragon Awakening state, your attack power and escape rate may increase, but your defense will greatly decrease - a huge gamble, so make sure you utilize the Rogue Dragon Awakening carefully!

◆ Giant Dragon Battle

Players will experience battles against Giant Dragons who takes up all three levels! By damaging each of its body parts until their HP reaches 0, that part of the body (and the associated attacks) will be sealed. Additionally, you can temporarily knock out the boss so be strategic on which body parts or main body you will attack!