◆ Witches

A witch, all of whom are born with the seed of a dragon residing in their womb, has the ability to harness the power of a dragon. She is constantly exposed to this great and terrible power, and her mind will succumb to it over time, driving her insane. The only way to stave off the madness is to consume dragon’s blood. This is a double-edged sword, however, because by consuming the blood of a dragon, the dragon she carries inside of her will grow, culminating in the dragon brutally eating its way out of the witch’s womb.

Out of necessity, the witches eat dragons to survive... but they live in a constant fear of what comes next. Will their life end in madness or in the clutches of a dragon?

◆ Varneria

A vast world where huge dragon bones tower over the land. It is rich in nature and filled with forests, meadows, valleys and mountains. The land is ruled by the Holy Emperor, leader of the Holy Empire. However, because the Holy Empire's power has not penetrated throughout Varneria, it is still seen by others as a singular kingdom rather than ruling power of the world.

◆ Witch's Den

A community of witches located in the depths of a remote forest. There used to be several dens but due to the tragedy that occurred a decade before, all other dens have been destroyed.

Since many witches were eaten by dragons or hunted and killed, less than ten witches remain alive in the entire world. The perimeter of the den is filled with the graves of fallen witches, as the curse of the dragon has existed for generations.