Want to know more behind the artists in Dragon Star Varnir™ ? Check out our Artist Spotlight below where we learn about their previous works and a quick glimpse into their artist mindset. Today, we have Katsuyuki Hirano!


Artist Spotlight
Katsuyuki Hirano



Dragon Star Varnir Character Design:
Laponette and Chiquita

Previous Projects
Agarest War Series, Genkai Tokki Series

When did you start working in the game industry?
“From around the year 2000.”

Who is your favorite character in Dragon Star Varnir and why?
“Zephy. I’m actually fond of the typical protagonist characters. Zephy’s interactions with the heroines is something I particularly enjoy. I haven’t had much of an opportunity to portray cool male characters lately, and I think I want to design more characters like him.”

If you were a witch in Varneria, what type of power would you have and why?
“Maybe this is obvious, but I’d want to use recovery magic on myself so I never get tired. Also, if I was able to use a Devour skill, I’d use it on someone who’s really good at drawing.”

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