The fate of Gamindustri is in your hands! Super Neptunia™ RPG is NOW AVAILABLE on Nintendo Switch™ and PlayStation®4 in North America! The Steam® version is also now available and includes English, French, Japanese, and Traditional Chinese subtitles.

In today’s Dragon Star Varnir™ Artist Spotlight segment, we reached out to Kei Nanameda to learn about his history as an artist, as well as a glimpse of his mind!

Want to know more behind the artists in Dragon Star Varnir™ ? Check out our Artist Spotlight below where we learn about their previous works and a quick glimpse into their artist mindset. Today, we have Katsuyuki Hirano!

We are having a Dragon Star Varnir Tarot Card Contest! Get creative and design your own Tarot Card! Use the hashtag #DSVTarotNA (North America) and #DSVTarotEU (Europe) to enter in! If you’re feelin’ shy, feel free to send us a DM :)

3 Winners will be chosen and announced on June 14!

NEW content never localized before! One of the features of the upcoming visual-novel adventure DATE A LIVE: Rio Reincarnation is the inclusion of in-game digital art books for each of this game’s three titles, which can be accessed from the main menu. Every art book contains a plethora of information for fans and newcomers alike to get familiar with the series. In total, there are 100-odd pages of content across all the art books, including character bios, key art, rough sketches, plus light novels and comics that have never been localized until now!​