Get ready for your journey through Varneria with the Dragon Star Varnir Limited Edition! We’re excited to announce that the Limited Edition for Dragon Star Varnir™ is NOW AVAILABLE for preorder for $74.99 in North America and £65.99 in Europe!

Dragon Star Varnir releases physically and digitally on the PlayStation®4 on June 11 in North America and June 14 in Europe!

Taking place in a world where witches are cursed to give birth to dragons, one man tasked with hunting them soon finds his own fate intertwined with his former enemies. Fight against dragons in turn-based, midair combat, using tiers, transformations, and more to weaken them and devour their abilities! The fate of a group of witches is in your hands – will you choose to save them or sacrifice them? Your decisions will change the course of the game!​

Check out the Limited Edition below!

Dragon Star Varnir Limited Edition ($74.99/£65.99)

The Dragon Star Varnir Limited Edition includes:

  • Dragon Star Varnir Steel Game Case
  • Dragon Star Varnir Hardcover Art Book
  • Dragon Star Varnir Official Soundtrack
  • Dragon Star Varnir Tarot Card Set
  • Reversible Cover Sleeve
  • Collector’s Box
  • Shipped with Standard Edition of Dragon Star Varnir

*Price does not include tax and shipping. FREE domestic shipping on US orders.

Dragon Star Varnir Steel Game Case


The world of Dragon Star Varnir is perilous. There are witches, knights, and dragons that populate the lands of Varneria. Made out of tempered Dragon bones, the Dragon Star Varnir Steel Game Case features all the witches and their crests! The Guardian of the Star Temple rests behind the Steel Game Case to thwart those who want to harm it.

Size: 7.5″ x 5.12″ x 0.63″ inches
Material: Tinplate

Dragon Star Varnir Hardcover Art Book


Knowing the world and its inhabitants can help you traverse the world of Varneria. The hardcover Dragon Star Varnir Art Book contains 56 spell-binding pages which include forbidden information about characters, dragons, rough designs, and more!

Size: 6.3″ x 7.9″ inches
Pages: 56

Dragon Star Varnir Official Soundtrack


Ready your staff or blade and start casting spells while listening to the Dragon Star Varnir Soundtrack! Featuring unforgettable tracks from the game, it has just about any music for any occasion.

Tracks: 12

Dragon Star Varnir Tarot Card Set


Look into your future with the Dragon Star Varnir Tarot Cards! Featuring all the witches, including Zephy, there are a total of 9 Tarot Cards in the set with unique art for each witch! The Dragon Star Varnir Tarot Card Set comes in a special foil wrapping that masks the magic inside.

Size: 3″ x 6″ inches

Reversible Cover Sleeve


Transform the Standard Edition of the game and reverse the cover sleeve to view the original Japanese Collector’s Box Art. Which will you choose?

Collector’s Box 


In the world of Varneria, dragons, witches, and knights have the potential to harm those around them, including your precious limited edition items. But with the Dragon Star Varnir Collector’s Box, the magical sigils can easily block any harm that touches it! This powerful Collector’s Box can secure itself from the mightiest of dragons!

Size: 6.9″ x 8.3″ x 1.8″

The Dragon Star Varnir Limited Edition is exclusive to Iffy’s North American Online Store and Iffy’s European Online Store. Preorder today!

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