Trapped in a game fighting for survival? Then you will definitely need a strong party! Head on over to the Death end re;Quest™ Iffy-cial website to meet Lily Hopes, Lucil Filarete, and Al Astra! Part of Shina’s party, these 3 join Shina and Arata’s quest to help Shina get the true ending to World’s Odyssey! But what really happens when it’s game over?

Your 3D waifus are now in YOUR dimension! We are excited to announce that Megadimension Neptunia™ VIIR (pronounced “V-two-R”) is NOW AVAILABLE on Steam® with a Deluxe Pack! Previously released on the PlayStation®4, the Steam version includes English, Japanese, and Traditional Chinese subtitles!​

We are having a Spooky Dogoo Contest! Get creative and design your own Spooky-Dogoo! Send your Spooky-Dogoo to [email protected] with the Subject Line “Spooky Dogoo Contest” and we will announce the winners on October 31st!

Dimension hop and meet your favorite Goddess using your PC! Megadimension Neptunia™ VIIR which is slated to come to Steam this Fall 2018 will also be launching with a Deluxe Pack!

Check out the new Opening Movie Trailer, Screenshots of the Basic System + Battle Flow, and an Introduction to the main protagonists Shina Ninomiya and Arata Mizunashi at the Iffy-cial website!

It’s that time of year once again! Team Iffy will be holding our Annual Press Event in San Francisco, CA on November 8th to announce NEW titles coming in 2019! And guess what? YOU have a chance to win a ticket to our Press Event!

We are inviting two lucky fans to come hang out with Team Iffy, get some exclusive goodies, and enjoy delicious food and drinks! (Yes, the food and drinks are provided!)