Set your boring phone alarm for the last time! Neptunia™ & Friends is back and will be available on the Apple App store next Wednesday, August 29 at 10:00am PDT! Originally released as Hyperdimension Neptunia™ The App, this version, now called Neptunia & Friends, has updated text and voice files for Neptune, Noire, Blanc, Vert, and Purple Heart!

Not only is Neptunia & Friends a full alarm clock app for iOS, but it’s also a place where you can dress up and chat with the Goddesses in their kawaii costumes, play a mini-game, and raise the Goddesses’ Love Love Gauge! Chat with your favorite Goddess to receive more Love Love Gauge points – the higher the gauge, the more intimate your chats will get. Shake up your phone and see what kind of reaction your Goddess will display! Maybe you’ll even get a kiss…?

The app will also feature additional character-specific costumes, voices, and background scenery as In-App purchases.

Key Features

  • Do-Re-Mi, Oh My! – Neptunia & Friends is revamped with newly localized text, as well as updated voice files for all of the Goddesses! Start your day off by waking up to your favorite Goddess’ voice!
  • The Love Love Gauge is a bar that will increase depending on the actions you take with your Goddess. Increase the Love Love Gauge by playing the Blind Bluff Poker mini-game, chatting, and providing cake gifts. The higher the Love Love Gauge, the more likely the Goddess will say something intimate and maybe even a quick smooch!
  • Outfit of the Day – Flaunt your favorite Goddess with multiple costumes, voice files, and backgrounds to choose from!* On top of familiar outfits from Hyperdimension Neptunia™ Re;Birth3: V Generation and Cyberdimension Neptunia™: 4 Goddesses Online, you can also get outfits exclusively for the app!
    *Additional costumes, voice files, and backgrounds are not included in the free app download.

Check out some screenshots below!

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10_fin_resized 16_fin_resized