Acrylic Announcement

We have another merch announcement! Check out these new items that will be making their debut at Anime Expo 2018!

—Neptunia Acrylic Charms—
Take your favorite waifu around with you everywhere you go!
- Height: 2.5″
- Price: $10/each

—Goddess Acrylic Standees—
Decorate your favorite space with the awesome CPU Goddesses in their HDD forms!
- Height: 5″~6.5″
- Price: $15/each

—-Super Nep Acrylic Standees—
Love the new Super Neptunia RPG art? Now you can enjoy the awesome new character art as a decoration!
- If you buy all 4 characters, the base plates create an image!
- Height: 4″~5.5″
- Price: $15/each

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