We’ve got one more merch reveal! Nep Pixel shirts featuring all your favorite goddesses in pixel form! Get yours first at Anime Expo® booth #4401 this weekend!

AX-exclusive Cyberdimension Neptunia pins! We’ll be selling them only at our booth #4401!

Check out all our activities at Anime Expo® this weekend:
Tsunako & Mizuno Panel:

Autograph sessions:

Neptunia series character designer, Tsunako, and producer, Naoko Mizuno are official Guests of Honor at Anime Expo, this July 1-4!

Planning your AX trip? Catch them at the following autograph appearances and at the Iffy-cial Iffy-cial Neptunia Panel! We’ve got a special surprise prepared for Neptunia fans there!

Move out, Valkyrie Force! Dark Rose Valkyrie is available now for the PlayStation®4 system for North America and Europe!

We’re a few days away from the from the June 12 Steam launch of Superdimension Neptune VS Sega Hard Girls™ and we’ve got even more news! The game will launch with a Deluxe Edition featuring a Digital Art Collection, mobile wallpapers, and desktop wallpapers. Plus, it will also have the options for Japanese or traditional Chinese text!

Summer is a time for romance and Kyoto is your next destination for love! We’re excited to announce that Hakuoki™: Kyoto Winds, the first part of a two-part release, is coming to PC on Steam with updated graphics in English, Japanese, and Traditional Chinese!

Visit the website for more: http://ideafintl.com/hakuoki-kyoto

For the first time ever, Moero Chronicle is coming in its entirety to the West! The game’s moe-filled dungeon-crawling RPG battles hit Steam this Summer 2017 with updated 1080p graphics and all the Monster Girls you can handle! Plus, it will have the options for Japanese and traditional Chinese subtitles!

It’s time for the biggest Nep announcement yet.

Anime Expo is hosting the creators of the Neptunia series! We’re honored to reveal Illustrator/Character Designer Tsunako and
Producer Naoko Mizuno as official AX Guests of Honor!

Tsunako + Mizuno – social graphic

Illustrator/Character Designer Tsunako
Tsunako is an illustrator at Idea Factory, known for her character designs for series like Neptunia and
Date-A-Live (Fujimi Fantasia Bunko). At the age of 10, she decided to become a game graphic designer and at 18 was already working on illustrations and comics! Upon graduating with a design major in 2008 she joined Idea Factory, which she chose as a fan of their
Neverland series. In 2016 she released her personal illustration book and in 2017 an illustration book based off the light novel “Date-A-Live”.

Producer Naoko Mizuno

Mizuno is well-known as the producer of the Neptunia series. Playing games as a child inspired her to become someone “who can create games,” yet she found herself working in another field after graduating. But she realized she couldn’t give up her dream! She quit everything to move to Tokyo, and attended school for 3D graphic design. Soon after, she joined Idea Factory as a 3D designer, and 10 years later produced the first
Hyperdimension Neptunia. She’s gone on to produce every Neptunia game, as well as the Fairy Fencer F series.

We’re super excited to have them at Anime Expo with us! Both Tsunako and Mizuno will be participating in a panel, and autograph sessions (schedule TBA).

We will be holding our own autograph sessions at the our booth, #4401. More details coming soon!

We are so proud to reveal our second new piece of merchandise that we’ll have at Anime Expo, July 1-4!



The Neplushie!

Now you can carry around your own protagonist of protagonists, wherever you go, with this adorable, plush keychain!

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