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The holidays are here so we’ve got a present for you! Introducing Iffy’s Holiday Ornament!


David and Ari show off the ornament here!

This light-up ornament goes on sale for $13.99 at Iffy’s North American Online Store on November 28th, and will be up for preorder on Iffy’s European Online Store on November 28th!

Iffy’s Online Store will also be having a holiday sale! Get Iffy’s Online Store merchandise and limited editions at a discounted price, from November 28th to December 22nd!

Iffy’s Online Store NA Holiday Sale
Limited Editions:
MeiQ LE 20% off
FFFADF LE 40% off
Amnesia LE w/code 60% off

Nep T-shirt 37% off
Top Nep Hat 32% off
Nepu Nepu 41% off



*Iffy’s EU Online Store info coming soon!