Preordered and ready to slay some gods of destruction?! Decorate your social media with Trillion: God of Destruction twitter icons (and you can match with us)!

Get your dandy on and swim across maps as Umio in our latest DLC update!

And just in time to celebrate Trillion: God of Destruction’s LE preorder (NA: EU:, dress up your Neps as Underworld Overlords!

Also, customize your PS4 with your favorite goddess through the Megadimension Neptunia VII themes!

Megadimension Neptunia VII March 8th DLC:

Party Character:
- Umio
- Mouse Kingdom (free)
- Unconfirmed, But In Progress (free)
- True Companions (free)

- Swimsuit Pack (Can be purchased
for individual characters/in groups, e.g. CPUs)
- Protruding Spirit
- Fallen Neptune
- Processor Unit “Flower Spirit”
- Trillion: God of Destruction Costume Set

- Custom Theme
- Planeptune Theme
- Lastation Theme
- Lowee Theme
- Leanbox Theme


Look for the themes here!!/en-us/all-themes/cid=STORE-MSF77008-THEMESALLTHEMES

Ready your Overlords, preorder for the Trillion: God of Destruction Limited Edition is now open!


Trillion: God of Destruction releases on March 29/April 1!