MegaTagmension Blanc + Neptune VS Zombies update!

Get ready to school some zombies with heroines, Blanc and Neptune! Then get your reading done in the Story section to learn about Gamicademi and the students’ zombie flick!

In case you missed last week’s trailer, take a look at our first Trillion: God of Destruction gameplay trailer!

This trailer covers an overview of Trillion’s gameplay, so you can get an idea of just how much goes into a boss fight against Trillion!

We will be doing a series of trailers that covers all of Trillion: God of Destruction’s gameplay, so stay tuned or subscribe to our YouTube page for immediate updates!

New Trillion: God of Destruction site update!

Listen to some boss-battling BGM in the sound section (to get a taste of the OST included with the LE) and get acquainted with Elma and her puppy, Cerberus!

Right before Trillion could devour it whole, we at Idea Factory International were able to rescue something special…

Straight from the circles of the Underworld, we are proud to reveal the Trillion: God of Destruction Limited Edition!

Thanks for all your cheesy pick-up lines! You had the IFI staff laughing and/or wishing we came up with that.

It’s time to reveal our winners!

Here’s the new Megadimension Neptunia VII DLC for this week! Go pick up that Umio megaphone now!


- It’s Hard For Unpopular Men (free)

- Gameindustri’s Dark Demon (free)


- Trial Weapon Pack (Can be purchased for individual characters or in groups, e.g. CPUs)

-Processor Unit “Fairy”



Trillion gallery updated! Meet Fegor, Overlord of Sloth and Zeabolos’ older sis! She’s lazy but one of the strongest Overlords around.

Here’s the Megadimension Neptunia VII DLC for this week!

Head over to the PSN Store and download today!



- Duel Shock (free)

- Invading Speed Aliens (free)

- Tokimeki Memory (free)


- Weapon Pack (Can be purchased for individual characters or in groups, e.g. CPUs)

- Processor Unit “Wonderland”

With Valentine’s Day coming up this weekend, Nep and friends wanted to make sure you had something to give something to someone you like, like-like, love, or whatever else! Neppy Valentine’s Day! Have fun with these Valentine’s Day cards, straight from Gamindustri!

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and so is Trillion: God of Destruction’s release (March 29 NA/April 1 EU)!

A key mechanic of Trillion: God of Destruction’s gameplay is strengthening the bond between you and your Overlord. So this Valentine’s Day, show some love to your future Overlords!

Tip: Check out the Overlord’s character page if you need some inspiration!


1. Choose an Overlord from the images below

2. Write your Valentine’s Day pick-up line in the provided box

3 E-mail [email protected] with a picture or file (max. file size: 3MB) of your entry. Limited to one entry per person. Remember to include your full name, your mailing address, and your phone number! This information will only be used if you win the contest(s), and we will not share your information with any other companies. Submissions without complete information will not be eligible.

Please keep entries PG-13 and appropriate. Inappropriate entries will not be posted or considered.
The subject line for your entry should read: Trillion Valentine’s Day
The deadline is Sunday, February 21st, 2016 at 11:59PM PST. By submitting your entries, you are giving express consent for Idea Factory International to share your pictures online.
Winners will be announced later the same week! All entries will be posted on the Idea Factory Facebook page with winners’ first names and last initials (if you have a preferred username you would like to use, please indicate so!)
Those who win prizes can expect their items to be shipped out shortly after the release date of Megadimension Neptunia VII. Shipping times may vary depending on your location!
There will be 1 Grand Prize winner and 3 runners-up (1 Unannounced LE, 1 Standard edition, or 2 PSN codes)
You must be 13 years of age or older to enter the contest. Entries are accepted from all countries worldwide.
Plagiarism will not be tolerated. Plagiarized entries will be automatically disqualified. Contestants who submit plagiarized entries will also be banned from future IFI contests. This will be strictly enforced.

Happy EU Megadimension Neptunia VII Release Day!

Also available today is the following FREE DLC: Original Japanese Voiceover, Histy’s Item Trial Set, Histy’s Beginner Item Set, Cross Jammer, “That” Ball, Challenge From Vermili Gym Delegate, and 1st Level Cap!

Of course, there’s also these awesome DLC available for purchase so you can dress up your Neps for battle: Nightwear Pack, Scout Pack, Gamindustri Ultimate Armor Set Type-A, and Gamindustri Ultimate Armor Set Type-B!

Hop on over to the PSN Store, Amazon, or GameStop to purchase your copy!

Introducing Ashmedia, the Overlord of Lust, on the Trillion: God of Destruction website!

Also, get an overview of the whole game flow under the System section!

Trillion: God of Destruction attacks your PS VITA March 29/ April 1 (NA/EU) so preorder and prepare!

GameStop NA –
Amazon NA –
Amazon UK –

Connect with your childhood friend, Levia, in Trillion! Check out the updated gallery and see the Overlord of Envy in action!

Prepare for battle! Trillion: God of Destruction consumes your PS VITA on March 29 (NA)/ April 1 (EU)!

PREORDER Trillion: God of Destruction TODAY!
GameStop NA –
Amazon NA –
Amazon UK –

Attention Megadimension Neptunia VII players~!

New DLC has been added to the PSN Store. The EU PSN Store will have this DLC up this Friday, 2/12.

Here is the weekly DLC Update for 2/9:

- 1st Level Cap (free)
- Scout Pack


- Cross Jammer (free)
- “That” Ball (free)
- Challenge From Vermili Gym Delegate (free)


- Gamindustri Ultimate Armor Set Type-A
- Gamindustri Ultimate Armor Set Type-B

Check them out here:
There’s more DLC to come. Updates are announced weekly, so stay tuned!

Planning your Summer vacation already? Come visit us at Anime Expo in Los Angeles, CA from July 1st-4th this year!

Drop by our exhibit hall booth (#809-909) for Iffy’s Online Store exclusives, game demos, giveaways, and more!

We’ve got a lot planned for our first big convention and we will unveil our inventory as the event draws near~

Register for your AX badge here!

Save some of your red envelope money on Steam’s Lunar New Year sale! Sale goes until Feb. 12!

Amnesia: Memories – 70% off!
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Check out the Trillion: God of Destruction site for this week’s update!

Meet Perpell the Overlord of Gluttony who wants to the become the Great Overlord so she can fill the Underworld with candy!

And then check out the System section to learn about Mock Battles with Mokujin. He will simulate a Trillion-like battle to prepare you for the upcoming clash with Trillion!

PREORDER Trillion: God of Destruction NOW!

Happy Megadimension Neptunia VII NA Release Day! Your Nep-venture into the Zero Dimension, Hyper Dimension, and Heart Dimension starts today, North America!

Alongside this, we have some same-day DLC for you all! Original Japanese Voiceover, Histy’s Item Trial Set, Histy’s Item Beginner Set will be out for free download. Additionally, the Nightwear Pack will be available to download for just 0.99 today!

We will be releasing DLC weekly, so be sure to check out our newsletters/social media.

Don’t have your copy yet? Order here!

EU version releases next Friday. Preorder is still up here!