Update to Amnesia: Memories for Steam! A new patch has been implemented that fixes the screen flickering bug that occurs during dialogue scenes.

More fixes to come! Thank you for your patience~ o(^∀^*)o

If anyone is still experiencing the achievements bug, they can post about it the Discussions page or send us an e-mail (at [email protected]) with a list of achievements that aren’t unlocking. We (or others on Steam) might be able to help you! ╭( ・ㅂ・)و )))

For now we suggest that you make sure that Steam is not being blocked, monitored, or given less access by a firewall or any anti-spyware program. If you have any other programs that monitor programs when they access the internet, then please check those as well, as they may be causing interference with the connection from your Steam client and the Steam servers. Below is an official Steam website that shows the programs that could hinder Steam.

Please make sure that none of these programs are on or interfering with Steam if you have them installed.