A new set of wallpaper is now available for download on the official Hakuoki SSL -sweet school life- website!

New characters and a brand new promo trailer are up on the official Noire website!

Check out the official website of Monster Monpiece for new Gallery images and screenshots!

Visit the official website for Moero Chronicle to sample a new BGM from the game! While you’re at it, don’t forget to check out the new illustrations available on the Gallery page and the new movie on the Special page!

New character info, System, Gallery, and character banners are updated on the official AMNESIA World website! Download a banner of your favorite character today to show your support of AMNESIA World!


Another character voice sample is now available just for you on the official Hakuoki SSL -sweet school life- website (“Sample Voice 3″ on the character page)! Also, check out the standard and limited edition package art on the website as well!

Check out the new characters with their sample voices, and new system info on the official website for Moero Chronicle!

Visit the official website for Neptune Re;Birth2 to check out the system update!

A brand-new promotional trailer for Fairy Fencer F is now available on the game’s official website!

Come check out the official website of Monster Monpiece for new Gallery images!

“Happy Valentine’s Day!” From all the cast of Hakuoki SSL -sweet school life- to you! Check out the new system page on the official website once you regain your composure!

Today marks a huge update for Noire‘s website! New characters, system info, and even a character battle trailer are now available. Check them out this very instant!

NIS America announces the release of Fairy Fencer F in the NA and EU markets!

Let’s learn more about Monster Monpiece! New characters info, Network mode, and a few images on Gallery are now updated on the official website of Monster Monpiece!

The opening movie of AMNESIA World is now available for you to enjoy on the official website!

Check out some new illustrations and a system info for Ryunosuke Shop on the official website for Hakuoki SSL -sweet school life-!

More screenshots and the opening movie of Neptune Re;Birth2 are waiting for you at the official website of Neptune Re;Birth2!

Ghostlight announced that they will be bringing Agarest: Generations of War Zero to PC via Steam in the first quarter of 2014!

Visit the official website of Monster Monpiece to get to know more of the lively characters, and learn more about the Academy!

Check out the new characters and their sample voices, and the World section on the official website for Moero Chronicle!

Regarding Monster Monpiece Haru Akenaga, CEO of Idea Factory International, Inc. Thank you to all our fans for your feedback and opinion, both pros and cons, regarding the censorship of Monster Monpiece. First of all, please allow me to clarify that Idea Factory International is fundamentally against censorship and we will never censor a title […]