Iffy’s Stocking-Stuffer Word Factory Contest Results Are In!

Thank you very much to all those who participated in this contest! There were over 300 amazing entries for us to vote on! We were absolutely thrilled with the turnout and had a lot of fun reading and selecting the winners. But it proved to be a very difficult process to pick only 11 winners…which is why we have decided to choose a total of 17 winners instead! Please see the winning entries below.

Note: Prizes will be shipped out from Los Angeles within a few days, but the final delivery date for each winner will vary depending on the prize’s destination. Prizes are randomly selected from the prize list (See update post from 2013-12-05) and will be shipped to the runners-up. We will not accept any exchange requests. Thank you for your understanding.

Grand Prize Winner
I Deliver Eternal Affection For A Commendable Troupe, Otaku Reveres You!

by Sean R.


  • Idiotic Demons Exists Around Funny Anime Causing Terrifying Organic Reactions Yearly. by Danny L.
  • I Do Enjoy Awesome Fun And Crazy Turn-based Other-worldly Rpgs Yay!
    by Johnny H.
  • Insanely Devious Epic Adventures Finding Amazement Created Through One’s Righteous Youth by Isarael V.
  • International Department Earns American Friends And Canadian Trust Over Rewarding Years by Matt G.
  • IdeaFactory Distributes Entertainment And Feed A Crazy Ton Of Rarities. Yes!
    by Micael M.
  • Iffy Detests Eggplants And Freaks At Compa Treating Ouchies Roughly, Yikes!
    by Andrew C.
  • It’s Definitely Entertaining! Always Fantastic, Amazing Characters Too! Ok? Ready Yourself! by Tony T.
  • Iffy Delights Everyone Around Fun And Creative Treasures Open Rich Years
    by Jonathan W.
  • Iffy Definitely Enjoys Amazing Food At Compa’s Tower Of Raspberry Yogurt
    by Lindsay S.
  • Interactive Delights Everyone Adores For Adventurous Comedic Titles Overlooked Regularly Yatta! by Erin C.
  • Iris-Heart’s Daring Eloquent Adventures For Another Century To Rule You
    by Amanda S.
  • It’s Destiny Everywhere Around! Finally A Company That Overjoys Reality! Yay!! by Carla B.
  • Interactive Digital Environment Adventures Featuring Attractive Characters and Tear-jerking Otherworldly Romances for Youths by Derrick L.
  • Indulging! (Because I can’t help but indulge in your games instead of doing homework ; – ;), Delicious (Because the men in Hakuouki are delicious ahahhaha haaaaahaaa….), Extraordinary!!, Awesome!, Fetch. (*coughs* Mean Girls movie reference), Amazing!, Cool cool cool!!, Terrific, Otome! Resplendent, YES by Christina L.
  • Iridescent snowflakes floating everso gently through the night sky as
    Dreamy Shinsengumi stir up the hearts of all ladies and the freshly fallen snow by
    Evading deadly attacks as they practice against one another.
    Arfoire even puts off her goals to defeat the four goddesses of Gamindustri to ogle them.
    Flames crackle, keeping Chou Chou warm as she plots to take over the holiday season
    As Ryuto suffers another nosebleed from accidentally peeking on
    Compa and Neptune changing into their holiday finest with hopes of serving
    Tasty gingerbread cookies and delicious hot cocoa to all their friends.
    Outside, the Shinsengumi give pause to admire the scenery before dashing off to take care of
    Rasetsus who might want to ruin the holiday spirits of all our favorite characters.
    You all at Idea Factory are the best. Happy holidays! by Elizabeth B.

Thank you again for participating! Warmest wishes from Idea Factory International to you all during this holiday season!