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Death Skill

◇ Leave your mark with the Death Skill!

When the Overlord's HP hits 0, they can unleash one final move with all their might called the Death Skill. There are a number of Death Skills available, and you are able to select one upon its activation.
The Death Skills all hold tremendous power and can change the outlook of the next battle instantly!

◇ A powerful skill that only those who have prepared for death can use.

▲ A flashback of previous events scrolls through the screen.

The Death Skill is the last move the Overlord uses with their very own life to leave a mark on Trillion, so as to let the next Overlord gain an advantage in battle.

Once activated, a flashback of memories occurs before the final move is unleashed. Once unleashed, the Overlord dies, and the torch is passed to the next Overlord to face Trillion.

Unleash the Overlord's final sacrifice to pass her strength onto the next one and deliver a powerful blow to Trillion!

NEW ◇ Death Skill effects

◆ Final Strike
A powerful blow that inflicts terrifying damage to Trillion.

◆ Part Seal
The Overlord uses their weapon to impale Trillion's body to destroy the shell of a body part, so that it can't use skills associated with it ever again.

◆ Dark Revival
The Overlord uses their soul to become a ghost to assist the next Overlord in battle as an ally.
They retain their skills, so a new approach can be made against Trillion!

◆ Demon Barrier
A barrier is created which stops Trillion's advancement, which extends the next Overlord's training period greatly.

◆ Fortification
All of the Overlord's energy is placed into the Ring of the Tyrant so that the next Overlord's weapon is immensely fortified. The amount of experience points necessary to learn skills are also halved!