There are citizens (NPCs) within cities and dungeons, and by speaking to them, you can accept quests.

If you speak to an NPC with an ① "!" mark above their head, you can accept a quest.
An NPC with an accepted quest will show the ② mark.
You may complete the quest by merely progressing the storyline, so there is no loss in accepting it.

They will have no effect on the story, so you can clear quests at any timing you please.
You cannot decline a quest once accepted.

Quest Menu

You can view the Quests and Hunt Quests you have accepted within "Quest" in the Menu.

List of accepted Quests

Whether set as active or not
By selecting a quest and setting it to Active, a check mark will appear.
You can set only 1 quest as Active

Quest Type (Extermination)

Quest Type (Collect/Deliver)

Quest Objective


Location of Objective

If you set a Quest as Active, the objective will be displayed.

You can hide the displayed Navigation by pressing the R2 button.

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