» VR Dimension
A high-ranking dimension created from Gamindustri and the "Real World," a dimension where the Player lives, mixing together.
» Dark CPU
A giant enemy that appears out of nowhere and destroys cities. The Dark CPU's destruction exceeds mere physical limitations and erases matter itself. Because of this, even the ground in the area the Dark CPU attacks disappears into a void. This is also the fateful opponent that Uzume has been fighting all alone for so very long. Its frame easily surpasses 30 meters. For some reason, its form is vaguely reminiscent of the four CPUs of Hyper Dimension.
» Patron CPUs
They are the goddesses and symbols that protect the four nations which exist in Gamindustri: Planeptune, Lastation, Lowee, and Leanbox. CPUs are born from the people's faith, and they use the people's faith as their own power, which is called Share Energy, in order to protect their nation and its residents. As long as the people's faith does not cease, it is possible for them to exist semi-permanently as CPUs.
» CPU Candidates
They are the younger sisters of the patron CPUs of each nation, and are candidates for becoming the CPUs of the next generation. Similar to the CPUs, they are born from the people's faith, and they protect the nation and its citizens. Although they are comparatively younger and inexperienced compared to their older sisters, it's said they are full of potential and dormant abilities. Currently, Leanbox is the only nation without a CPU Candidate.
CPUs and CPU Candidates use Share Energy in order to transform. This force is proportional to the strength and amount of the people's faith. When transformed, they boast tremendous combat capabilities, and have saved Gamindustri from many a crisis.
» Next Form
The CPUs new form, the second stage transformation from their initial HDD transformation. How exactly will they evolve...?
» Gold Third
The new rulers of Gamindustri who have replaced the CPUs. It is said they were given power from the Golden Summits, the mysterious towers that suddenly appeared in Gamindustri.
» Secret Organization AffimaX
The organization that Affimojas and Steamax created together. Including the founders, there are currently five members. According to classified information, they control the world from the shadows, and have amassed a great amount of profits. At the same time, they seem to be searching for a "certain item," but what could it be...?