At the "Guild," you can take on various people's requests as "Quests." By completing a quest, you can earn items and Credits as rewards.


At the Guild, you can accept special quests called "Bounties." As they're enemies with a bounty placed on them, they are more violent than regular enemies, and difficult to handle. While you can expect greater rewards for defeating them, it's best to prepare yourself properly before challenging them.
※ "Bounty" will be added as you progress the main story.

Route Building

In "Route Building," you can create a new Route in the World. If there is no route connecting to a destination Point, you can use Route Building to connect the space between Points. There is a required cost to develop Routes in Route Building. Also, depending on the Route, you will need Credits, or certain items to develop them.


Within Investment, there are three different areas that you can invest in, "Commerce," "Industry," and "Public Relations."

By investing and increasing their levels, these various fields will become more developed.
[Commerce] Investment More items will be sold at Shops.
[Industry] Investment You can obtain new Plans, and the items you can develop will increase.
[Public Relations] Investment Special events will occur.


At the "Colosseum," you can battle enemies that are different than regular ones. By winning, you can earn items and Credits as rewards. Even if you lose, there is no penalty, so you can challenge it as many times as you like. You can also give up during the battle.