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A Collaboration With the Classic Action Game [Spelunker]!

"Neplunker" is a collaboration that has various elements of the classic action game "Spelunker" scattered here and there.

The elements of "Lives" and "Energy" are particular to this dungeon. "Lives" is the amount of times you can challenge the dungeon. "Energy" is the stamina you have for all actions.

When your number of "Lives" drops to 0, you will get a Game Over. If you clear the Neplunker Dungeon, you will receive a special item.

» Causes to Lose a Life
・Falling from a height
・Running into bat dung
・Touching steam or flames
・Energy falling to 0

※Be particularly careful about heights! Even a height of half a character's body is dangerous. Ghosts and Bats are enemies. A battle will occur if you touch them, and your "Energy" will decrease slightly.

There are items scattered within the dungeon that can help you.

It is strongly recommended to save your game before challenging this dungeon.

There will be no effect on the main game (story), but when you get a Game Over you will be returned to the Title Screen.

※Screenshots taken during development.