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What Are Scouts?

Scouts are adventurers who will investigate dungeons for you.
They may carry back information or items found in the dungeon in which they were deployed.

Deploy Scouts to Dungeons!

Within the City's Menu, selecting "Scouts" allows you to deploy characters called Scouts to dungeons. They will return with items, Credits, or even useful information from their adventure.

Select a Scout to deploy from the list of Scouts that have befriended you.
※You can select several Scouts at once.

Scouts have abilities that can influence dungeons, and special effects will occur within the dungeons they are deployed to. These are called "Scout Effects."

Once you've selected the Scouts to deploy, select the dungeon to deploy them to.

While selecting a dungeon, the "Scout Effects" that will occur when deployed, and the "Time Until Return" will be displayed.

Once you decide on a dungeon, the Scouts will be deployed, and a countdown to when they will return will commence.

You can receive "Reports" from Scouts who have returned in a City's "Scouts" screen.

Scouts that have reported back will automatically be re-deployed to the same dungeon.

※If you wish to deploy a Scout to a different dungeon, you will have to manually call them back first.

Gather Information On Hidden Treasures!

Sometimes, Scouts will find information about "Hidden Treasure" within the dungeon they're in.
This information will present the requirement to make "Hidden Treasure" appear.

You can check the methods to make Hidden Treasure appear at Dungeon Points on the World map, within the "Facility Info" in the Menu's Library, or on the detailed map within a dungeon.

The number of "Hidden Treasures" will differ depending on the dungeon. The amount and their current discovery condition will be displayed as icons.

If you do not achieve the current condition, the next condition will not appear, so be careful.

※Screenshots taken during development.