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Obtain Plans to Develop Items!

In Development, you can combine items as materials to create other items, weapons and armor. You will need a "Plan" and "Materials" in order to develop a new item. If you have obtained the Plan, the item you can develop will be shown within the Development list.

You can obtain Plans by buying them within shops, or finding them in dungeons.
You can obtain Materials through battles or treasure chests within dungeons.
The materials and the amount you need of each in order to develop an item will be displayed on the top right corner of the screen.

Items that have been developed once already will have a check icon displayed next to them.

In addition, items with a cart icon displayed next to them in the list will be available for purchase within shops once it has been developed.

※There are some development items that can be bought within shops once developed, but others that can only be obtained through Development.

※Screenshots taken during development.