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Accept Quests Within the Guild, and Recieve a Reward!

At the Guild within a city, you can accept requests from various people as Quests.
To complete a quest, fulfill the contents of the quest, then report back to the Guild.
By completing quests, you will receive items and Credits, as well as the shares of each nation increasing.

Quests are ranked from E to S on a 6-level scale, and you can accept any quest up to your current Quest Rank.

In order to challenge a quest of a higher difficulty, you will need to complete a special quest for each rank, and raise your Quest Rank.

A specific mark will appear on dungeons where enemies necessary for quests will appear, or on enemies during battles that are targets for quests.

Take advantage of these marks as hints on how to complete your quests.

Once you've completed a quest, report back to the guild and collect your reward.

※Screenshots taken during development.