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Use Your Original "Game Discs" and Raise Your Status!

In Disc Dev, by incorporating Idea Chips within Discs, you can create your own original Game Disc.

▲A Disc with no Idea Chips incorporated
A Disc must be a Blank Disc in order to add Idea Chips to it.
A Blank Disc is a Disc that has no Idea Chips incorporated into it.

All Idea Chips have a Level and there are three different Types of them. You can set them only on Discs with the same settings.

There exist some combination of Idea Chips that are recognized as "Godly Games" or "Sucky Games."

Discs that are recognized as "Godly" or "Sucky" will be given an additional ability.

In order to set different Idea Chips onto a Disc that already has Idea Chips incorporated, you will have to "Format" the Disc.
Formatted Discs will become Blank Discs, and you may once again incorporate Chips onto it.

Don’t forget to equip the Game Disc that you've created.

※Screenshots taken during development.