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The Combos system is where you can choose what combination attacks that a character can use during battle.

① Combo List
A list of which combo slots can be used with the currently equipped weapon.
② Currently Set Combos
Different combos can be used depending on the weapon equipped to the character.
You can unleash a max of 5 combo attacks, and you can set combos according to three different types: Rush, Power, or Standard.
A single combo can only be set once to a single place.
③ Combo Details
[Combo Traits] are specific conditions that, when met, allow the combo to deal higher damage than usual.
Carefully considering the order of Combos, and setting them effectively, is a shortcut to victory.

The Number of Combos is Determined by the Weapon!

The number of combos available is not the same for all characters, and is decided by the character's equipped weapon.
Your choice of weapon is critical to winning your battles.

Take Advantage of a Combo's "Trait"

The "Combo Attack" structure, which is the main method of attacking in battles, has been revised for this game.
In the place of "Break" from previous titles, "Standard" has been introduced, and attacks will center around Rush, Power, or Standard attacks.
A single hit deals low damage, but this type allow for several hits. If attacking continuously, the number of hits can quickly increase.
※The EXE Drive Gauge will fill up according to the number of hits
The opposite of Rush, the number of Hits may be low but it will drastically lower the enemy's HP.
An attack that sits between Rush and Power. It helps when you wish to raise your Hit count while also lowering the enemy's HP.

▲When conditions are met and an attack's power has risen, the icon next to the attack's name will glow
When performing combo attacks, depending on the order in which you use them, the next attack's power might rise.
You can check a Combo's "Trait" within the Menu, so carefully check a Combo's Trait when choosing which one to set.

※Screenshots taken during development.