Powerful Hidden Monsters, the Zodiac Beasts!

Each dungeon has hidden floors called Sealed Spaces.
Here you will find powerful hidden bosses known as Zodiac Beasts waiting for you!

Defeating a Zodiac Beast will give you a rare enhancement item called a Seed, which can be equipped by Machina Mages.

They also drop materials required for producing powerful Arm parts. If you're confident in your party, try challenging them!

The following is an introduction to three of the twelve Beasts.

Zodiac Beast Libra

An armored warrior who uses combo attacks and full healing abilities.
Its consecutive slashes cut away at your party's health, so you need to keep up the healing!
Dealing small amounts of damage to it will be negated by its full heal ability, so you need to defeat it in as few turns as possible.

Zodiac Beast Gemini

A giant with a dreadful triple club attack.
Since it can attack up to 3 times in a single turn, it can crush a target with low defense very quickly.
Customize your Guardians to emphasize defense to withstand its attacks.

Zodiac Beast Taurus

A berserk beast that won't stop until its prey lies dead.
It uses single attacks that do immense damage, so it's no surprise when your allies are suddenly down for the count.

Make good use of Machina Mage support skills, and look for a chance to counterattack!
It has both high attack and defense, so failing to properly customize your Guardians will be fatal.