Star Wind Inn

Ell the maid handles reception at the Star Wind Inn.

Resting at the Inn will fully restore all characters and Guardians. You can also save here.

As you progress the game, Ell can also provide the following information:
· When the General Store has new merchandise.
· When the General Store has rare items.
· Information related to progressing the story.

Cash General Store

An item shop run by Cash. She can buy and sell the following items:
· General usable items.
· Guardian Body and Arm parts.
· Materials for Guardian part production.

She also has a Rare Item page separate from the normal menu.

These are special Guardian parts. Unlike other items, they are limited in number.

Machina Factory

The Guardian workshop, where Jin is the factory manager.

Using devices called Machina Furnaces, you can produce Guardian parts here, as well as evolve their Bodies.

· Part Production
By casting Production Machina Magic and using Aether and material items, you can create Body and Arm parts for Guardians.

· Body Form Evolution
You can evolve the form of Guardian Bodies by using an Evolution Gem and casting Evolution Machina Magic. Form Evolution can change the Body's appearance, parameters, and skills.

Arrows, the Machina Guild

Satori works as the guide at the Machina Mage Guild.

You can accept quests to search for specific items here.

If you find the requested item and report back, you can receive Magic Gems and other rare items as a reward.