Increase Elemental Bonuses with Magic Gems
and Enhance Your Guardians!

A Guardian's parameters also greatly depend on customizing the Machina Mage.

Each Machina Mage has Elemental Bonus values, and this will increase their Guardian's parameters!
Elemental Bonus can be increased by equipping Magic Gems. It's most effective to increase the Elemental Bonus with good affinity with their Guardian.

There are many types of Magic Gems. Not only do they increase the parameters and Elemental Bonuses of Machina Mages, but they can also add special effects, such as the ability to reveal enemy information, increase experience from battle, and more.

You can equip up to 8 Magic Gems. The number of slots will increase as the Machina Mage levels up.

It's important to strengthen your Machina Mages, and increase their Elemental Bonuses as well!

Use Form Change to Increase Elemental Bonus Even More!

The heroine, Estra, has the ability to use Form Changes.

The Form used will greatly change her base Elemental Bonuses. Consider affinity with her Guardian when choosing a Form!

Forms have a proficiency level. Increasing proficiency through battle will greatly increase her Elemental Bonus!

Each Form also grants different effects to the party:

Central Form: Increases party's attack.
Spring Form: Increases party's speed.
Summer Form: Increases party's magic attack.
Autumn Form: Increases party's defense.
Winter Form: Increases party's magic defense.

Consider the effect on your Guardian and other Machina Mages when choosing a Form!