Customize Guardians as You See Fit!

Guardians are formed from four parts: Machina Core, Body, Right Arm, and Left Arm.
You can change these parts any time you desire.

Machina Core

The core of a Guardian. It can be said that this is the Guardian itself.
Machina Cores have 3 characteristics:

1. Each Core has an elemental affinity, and the Guardian will change to this element.
Body and Arm colors will change according to the element color.

2. The Core amplifies the parameters of the Body, Right Arm, and Left Arm.

3. Setting a Magic Gem inside can add various abilities to the Guardian.

Furthermore, Machina Cores gain experience and level up.
When a Core levels up, the rate at which it boosts parameters increases, and it can also gain more Magic Gem slots.

Magic Gems

Gems that can be set into Machina Cores.

These can add various special abilities to the Guardian, such as activating multiple Arm skills at once, luring monsters, and increasing experience from battle.


The Body governs the Guardian's base parameters.
There are 6 parameters, and these can vary greatly between Bodies:
· Maximum HP
· Physical Attack
· Physical Defense
· Magic Attack
· Magic Defense
· Speed

Also, some Bodies can possess unique offensive skills.

Arm Parts

Arm parts provide between 1 - 3 offensive skills.
Some Arm parts have skills that activate when the same part is equipped to both the left and right Arm.

Furthermore, Arms add the following parameters to Guardians:
 · Physical Attack
 · Magic Attack

Produce Parts and Evolve Forms
at the Machina Factory!

The Machina Factory uses machines called Machina Furnaces to manufacture Guardian parts, as well as evolve their Bodies!

Manufacture New Parts with Part Production!

Casting Production Machina Magic by using Aether and material items allows you to create Body and Arm parts for Guardians!

There are many types of Production Magic, and the resulting parts will depend on what Magic was used!
The materials necessary vary between different parts as well.

· Production Machina Magic:
  Learned by finding Production Machina Books in dungeons.

· Aether:
  Obtained by defeating monsters in battle.

· Material Items:
  Can drop when defeating monsters. It may be necessary to defeat specific monsters for certain items.

The recipe for any part you've produced before is saved. You won't need to specify which Magic and materials to use when crafting it again!

Massively Boost Body Abilities with Form Evolution!

You can evolve the form of a Body by casting Evolution Machina Magic and using an Evolution Gem.
After using Form Evolution, the appearance of the Body changes, as well its parameters and skills!

Each Body has multiple stages of evolution, so use Form Evolution to power Bodies up over and over again!