Fight Alongside Your Guardians!

This game uses turn-based command battles.

One character and one Guardian form a pair, and up to 3 pairs can participate in battle.

Guardians mainly possess offensive skills, provided by the equipped Body, Right Arm, Left Arm, and Core.

Customizing these equipped parts can thus greatly change your combat style!

Characters mainly use Machina Magic and support skills.

Most times they will use Magic and items from the rear to support their Guardian.

Select either a character or Guardian to act from each pair. Once all pairs have been set, the turn will begin! Actions will be performed in order, according to speed.

If a Guardian falls in battle, only the character will be able to act on the next turn. Make sure to provide good support for your Guardians!

Unleash Deadly Combos to Crush Your Enemies!

As friendly Guardians perform their turns, fulfilling certain conditions will activate a powerful Deadly Combo!

Deadly Combos activate according to the elemental affinity of each skill.

These combos can change depending on which skills are combined, with many different effects!

When a combo activates, a cut-in of the character controlling the Guardian appears, along with an impressive performance.

It's possible to activate a combo with all three Guardians. Using Deadly Combos is a key to winning battles!

Gauge the Enemy's Strength!

When you lose to a boss level enemy, you will see a message displaying how well you did.

Use this to decide how much you need to build your party!