MeiQ Director Toshiki Tauchi's Column - Part 5
Part 5: Upcoming Release, and a Storm of Gratitude!
Today's will be the final column. (I think)

It's almost time for MeiQ to be released!

Thank you everyone who already pre-ordered the game!
If you haven't pre-ordered yet, please remember to do so!

I've worked in this industry for 27 years now,
but MeiQ is the first game where I created the original plan,
designed the game, and directed it.

I thought of the world setting and characters, designed game systems,
came up with the story's plot, created various data, directed the game,
and even worked on game balance adjustments.

Listing all these things here, it sounds like I did most of the work,
but there are actually many more aspects to game development, and my work is only a small portion.

There are people who designed characters, designed Guardians,
designed monsters, wrote the scenario text, designed menus,
designed background art, created 3D maps, created 3D models for
monsters and Guardians, and created special effects. There are battle
systems, movement systems, and many other systems to program.
Scripts needed to be created, voice actors and actresses breathe life into characters,
movies were produced, and the game was debugged. (I'm sorry if I missed anything, there's too much to list.)

Oh right, I can't forget the talented composers who created the music, as
well as the artists who sang the opening and ending themes.

There were people who supervised the teams and pushed the project forward,
those who advertised and marketed the game.
There truly were a lot of people who worked on this game.

If I had to guess, I'd say that over 100 people were involved in total.

I'm very thankful to each and every one of them.
If I could, I'd visit every one of them personally with a gift.

Everyone, thank you so very much!

In closing, I'd like to write about what kind of game MeiQ is once more.

1. Magical girls (Machina Mages) and mechs (Guardians) fight alongside each other in heated battles!
2. Customizing both the girls and the Guardians heats things up even more!
3. Explore the dungeons at blazing speed with a convenient interface!
4. A miraculous collaboration between Tenpei Sato and Satoshi Kadokura. Super hot BGMs!
5. A grand voice cast, to fire up your exciting adventures!

(I don't think there's an end to this.)

There are endless things to say about this new customizable RPG!
Please enjoy your time with MeiQ!

Releasing Fall 2016 for PlayStation®Vita!

Please be sure to pick it up!