MeiQ Director Toshiki Tauchi's Column - Part 4
Part 4: Comfortable Play Through Mysterious Dungeons!
We're already up to the 4th column now.
Today's subject is the main setting for your adventure, the dungeons.

The dungeons in MeiQ are known as the Demon Realm.
It's a completely different world from the planet we live on.
The towers of Southern Cross are dimensional warp installations to the Demon Realm.
Once you enter a tower, you're in the Demon Realm, where monsters roam about freely.

The dungeons in the Demon Realm are filled with mystery.

The dungeons are a mystery, the gimmicks are a mystery, the characters are a mystery, the world is a mystery, the planet is a mystery. Mystery, mystery everywhere.

You will find the greatest of mysteries in this game.

Unfortunately, if I talk about the mysteries here, they won't be mysteries anymore.

Thus, I'm just going to introduce some systems in MeiQ that will make
your adventures through the dungeons, and solving these mysteries, more pleasant.

1. Auto Turn
This system allows you to turn around corners automatically.
It's common in 3D dungeon games to have singular paths that wind around and around.

When you hit a corner, you always have to press a different button to turn and continue.
However, in this game, all you have to do is hold down the forward button, and you will automatically turn corners.

It doesn't matter how windy the road is. If there's one path, you just have to hold the forward button to keep going.
This makes things really relaxing.

2. Dash
It's common in action games to have a dash button, but this game has it too.
If you hold the X button while moving, you will move faster than usual.
Thanks to the auto turn system, holding X and the forward button lets you
run down winding paths very quickly.

Using this function, you can run through a dungeon that would take an hour to navigate in about 20 minutes.

Once you start dashing, you won't be able to resist using it.
You can use it right from the beginning, so feel free to run through the dungeons at high speed.

3. Frontal Auto-Mapping
Most 3D dungeon games only auto-map the areas (spaces) that
the player has stood on directly.

However, this game will auto-map the 3 spaces in front
of the player's location, as well as both sides.

You might think "Oh that's it?",
but this is actually very convenient.
Turning in place will give you a great idea of your surroundings.

You might also think "But wouldn't that make the gimmicks too easy?"
You'd probably see a pit trap well before you fall into it, after all.

Heh heh, of course not.
We don't use very many last-generation gimmicks like pit traps,
and the dungeons are by no means a simple matter of casually walking from one end to the other.

A pleasant play experience has no relation to dungeon gimmicks, anyway.

4. Dungeon Gates and Demon Realm Jumps
This is a convenient warp function.
A Dungeon Gate is one type of warp space.
As long as you've visited a floor before, you can get on and
specify which floor to warp to, much like an elevator.

A Demon Realm Jump serves a similar function,
but this magic allows you to warp to specific areas in a dungeon.
It's usually possible to warp to places like the area right before a boss room.

Of course, there are also items and magic to escape from the dungeon.
If you make use of these functions, you can go and explore any dungeon floor you cleared as many times as you wish.

The dungeons in this game are larger and more complex than the maps in other games.
However, thanks to these functions, you can explore the dungeons both comfortably and quickly.

Please play the game and see your yourself.